Saturday, 6 August 2011

Tough Choice

With an overcast sky threatening to rain, this pixie was resigned to having to do some housework which, as Welshy can confirm, is my least favourite thing to do. On a whim I decided to get out the micro-lathe, knowing full well that it would be a pain in the bum to put away quickly, should the heavens open. Luckily we only had a few spits and spots, which gave me the opportunity to turn two new hooks that I shall be eventually selling.

The first one was done from a hazel rod that was lurking around in the shed.

It is 4mm and finished with Black Bison Wax.
Then I decided to play with some spalted Beech blocks that we've had for a while. I am so pleased with this one, it certainly is a thing of outstanding beauty.

It is 7mm and would be perfect for using with t-shirt yarn or old bedding. As it's such a work of art, I thought I would add an extra dimension to it.

I made it so it would stand up, that way it can be put on show when it's not being used. How cool is that.

Friday, 5 August 2011

Latest crafty adventures

It's been very quiet on the crafting front, mainly due to the weather. Most of our time has been spent with Welshy giving our truck Myfanwy a new paint job and I've been playing chauffeur to The Boy, taking him out to birthday parties and home ed activities.  Fortunately a broken angle and a break from driving duties gave us a chance to play around with the micro-lathe.

Welshy got started on a Bodhran Beater for a friend we met at home ed camp.

and I decided to make myself a new Tunisian Crochet Hook.

It was my first proper go on a lathe so small and I have to say that it was great fun. The hook is turned from a hazel rod, that we somehow acquired at Bearded Theory Festival, and I decided to leave a little bit of the bark on at the end, just for contrast. It is finished with two coats of Black Bison Wax.